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The History

For more than three generations, the Tacchino Family has produced wine that is well-known for its quality.
Alessio and Romina represent the new generation, inheriting the passion for these lands from their grandfather, who was the founder, and from their father Luigi.
Employing the best production techniques and supported by a trusted team of oenologists and agronomists, Romina and Alessio add value to a wine that is already intrinsically good. The Tacchino winery was born in Castelletto d’Orba, in Piemonte’s Alto Monferrato, around the second half of the last century. Among these prestigious land, rich in tradition, flows the production of white Gavi and red Dolcetto di Ovada and Barbera del Monferrato, which are still today the most precious pearls of the company. Together with these wines, thanks to the loving and skilful processing of the hills and the grapes generated by them, the winery has over time produced equally precious wines that complement the more traditional ones.

La famiglia

Our family has learned from our farming ancestors to take care of wine as if it ware a child.
Wine is alive: it is born, it grows, it develops and matures.
Wine continues to improve all its potential only with total care and it gives back deep emotions through its numerous nuances of taste, body and aroma.

Today, Romina and Alessio manage the entire family business, from production to sales. Thanks to the selective use of new cultivation technologies, attentive supervision by highly trained agronomists and advisory support of expert oenologists,
Tacchino wines are the result of rigorous and continuous controls in the vineyard and in the cellar.
Tacchino wines add value and esteem to old traditions that are increasingly rare. Paying homage to the experience of their ancestors, Romina and Alessio are continuing the work of their beloved grandfather, Carletto, projecting, at the same time, a family dream into the future.